Developing tools to help parents participate in their child’s education is very important to us at MarcoPolo. We work with PhDs in early childhood education and child psychology and curiosity to develop a fun way for parents to engage with the same lessons your child loves. These conversations between parent and child promote healthy parent/child interactions and can help nurture curiosity and a love for learning.

Our “Let’s Talk” feature provides your child with a playful way to share the lessons they find interesting with you.

Here is how it works:

1. While they are watching a lesson, a small heart icon will appear in the top right corner of the screen. If your child/student wants to share this topic with you, they need to tap the heart icon.
2. You will be sent an email with the lessons they liked and wanted to share with you (up to 3 lessons in 1 daily email).
3. Once you have received the email, please click on the links to the lessons. This will take you into the World School-app where you can watch the lesson (so the email needs to be viewed on the mobile device).
4. At the end of each shared lesson, we will present you with a set of suggested questions and a fun fact to ask your child, helping to encourage further learning and give them an opportunity to impress you with what they have learned.